How To Turn Off Window Auto Update In Window 10 PC

How to turn off auto window update in window 10 PCs and Laptops : Hello guys. If you are a window 10 user getting auto update problem in your PC/laptop then this post will help you 100%.
In this post i have shared a trick or way to disable the window auto update. If you are facing this issue then read this post till last.

If you are a window user and installed window 10 in you PC or Laptop and facing auto update then here you will get solution in few easy steps. The most of internet data is consumed by window update if your auto update in enabled. Window updates comes in large size like 1-4GB and if you haven’t disabled it then after connecting to internet all data is sucked by that update.
If you are a WiFi user and this is not a big problem for you because you have unlimited datas.
But if you connected internet through Mobile or Dongle then this will be a issue for you.
Now the question is how to disable auto update of window 10 in PC and Laptop.
Here is the solution given below.

How to disable Auto Update of Window 10 in PC and Laptop?

disable auto update of window

Follow these step by step guide to disable window auto update.

1. First of all the open you PC or Laptop.
2. Click on search box (below side)
3. Here you’ll have to search an option. Type “Service” and hit enter button.
4. A Service App will be opened and here you have to open that option.
5. When you open Service App.. Lots of options will be available in your screen. Scroll down and Seach “Window Update”
6. When you find “Window Update” click here.
7. Here you will find few options.
1. Manual
2. Enabled
3. Disabled

In Short : Open Laptop > Search Service > Window Update > Select Disable

This option haa selected on Enabled. Which mean window will automatic update when it get internet.

In Manual Option you will manually on/off the updates.

When you select on Disabled. Your auto update will be disabled. So click on this option to disable auto update of window 10.

Advantage and Disadvantage of disabling Window Auto Update.

The one advantage is you can save your internet data. No data will lost automatic.

And the second one is when window updating.. The process become slow. This will not irritate you anymore.

The disadvantage is that you will not be able to get new features and options of window. (Until you install update manually)
With the window update window defender also get new features and security options. When you disable auto update you will not get any updates in window defender. This might be risky too.

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Final Word

I have shared step by step guide to Disable Window auto update. I hope this post helped you. If you are a WiFi user then you dont need to disable it. But if you are a Mobile Data user then this will very helpful for your.

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