5 ‘Must Have’ WordPress Plugin For Bloggers 2020

Top 5 WordPress plugin every blogger should use it.

Hello blogger friends, in this post we are discussing about top 5 wordpress plugins which every blogger should use in their blogs. In this post you will free WordPress Plugins that are very important for all bloggers and web developers.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is one of the biggest and popular platform to make any kind of websites blogs and ecommerce sites. There are lots of tools and are available which make it easier. Number of Web development platefroms are available in internet but only WordPress provides fully freedom and handy tools. Your hard task can be easily done with lots plugins here. Plugins are additional addon which provides their own customization and options.

If you are a blogger and using other plateform other then WordPress then you should use this. And if you are WordPress blogger then read the best plugins list below.

Top 5 best plgin for everg WordPress blogs.

top 5 best plugins for wordpress users

Here is the lists of top 5 best WordPress plugins. You can check this and use it on your website for free.

1. W3 Total Cached plugin

This is number one cached cleaner plugin for a wordpress blogs and websites. Lots of cached files are stored in wp database which make blog load slower. Many times when you make any chances in your blogs design and previews the design your site will still show old design instead of changed design this is because of Cache files.

Install and activate W3 Total cached in WordPress website and run it every week to free up cached files. This plugin is absolutely free and easily available in plugin store.

2. TablePress

If want to make any kind of table in blog post and dont know how? Then this plugin will help you. This plugin is very useful to make any kind of tables. You can create unlimited tables with unlimited rows and columns. This plugin is also a free plugin and easily available in theme store. Tablepress gives you lost if tools to customize tables.

3. Table Of Content

If you are a pro blogger and you write very lengthy posts for your blog then this plugin is for you. Lengthy posts took very long time to read it so many visitors can go from your website if they sees a lengthy post. This plugin will break your blog post in Title wise using H1, H2, H3, H4 tags.
All the H1, H2, H3 title will be indexed in dropdown button so visitor can easily jump into any part of your website.
This will also add a point on you On page SEO.

4. Forget About ShortCode

If you want to decorate your post with colored box, colored buttton, colored blockquotes, Stylish buttons, 3D buttons then this plugin will help you. When you install and activate this plugin bunch of CSS codes will be added with your codes where you can easily decorate your blog post with colored elements. When you install this plugin a new option will be added in your wordpress editor so With WordPress editor You can put colors in boxs, blockquote, buttons etc.

5. Updraft Backup

This is a powerful tool for your website safety. Updraft plugin will help to take backup of all databases of your website.
Install this plugin and take backup of all data such as Database, Theme, Uploads, Others. So that website’s data will be never lost.

Think that your website is hacked by a hacker and he has deleted all of your contents, then what?

Or if you are changing hosting and all the contents are get corrupt, then what?

Or with any Cached cleaning plugin your contents get corrupted, then what?

If you dont a backup file of your website then you can lost all the database of your site. So taking a backup add extra safety. You can take backup of database, themes, Plugins, Uploaded files like images etc and Other files, you can download the backup files and also can send it to remote storages.

best plugins for wordpress

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Final Word

In this post we have known about top 5 wordpress plugins these are :

• W3 Total Cached
• TablePress
• Table Of Content
• Forget About ShortCode
• Updraft Backup

These are very important plugins for all website owners, web developers and bloggers. If you have any query please comment below. Share this post with your friends and families too.

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