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Top 10 Android Keyboard App For Every bloggers | Android Keyboards

Hello guys, In this post I am going to share Top 10 Best keyboards for every bloggers. If you are a blogger then read this post till last because i have shared about 3 keyboard which will help you in writing blog posts without any much efforts.

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For A Mobile this is very difficult task to write articles in Android Mobile, Few bloggers dont have PC or laptops so they do all tasks related to blogging in their Android Phone. I am also a Mobile blogger, and I do about 70-80% works on my Android Mobile thats why I am familiar with all the problems comes in Mobile blogging.
If you are also a mobile blogger and want to know the best keyboards to type Articles then In this post I brought 3 amazing keybords.

3 Amazing Keyboards for Bloggers?

I am also a mobile blogger so i know about the problems comes during mobile blogging. I already have post 2 other posts for Every Mobile Bloggers.. You should check that post too.

Here we are talking about 10 keyboards apps which are easily available in Google Play Store and 2 Apps are free, but 1 Apps is required Paid subscription.

1. Cute Emoji Keyboard

This is super duper keyboard for every bloggers because of its features and functions. This app is available in play store for free of cost Which mean you can switch your current to keyboard to this keyboard.

Features of Cute Emoji Keyboard?

There are lots of features comes in Cute Emoji Keyboard. The best thing of that apps is provide easy symbols in upper of normal button. Here is the list of few amazing features.

1. As I told you above, Emoji keyboard provide symbol buuton is just above the letter key. When you click on button The letter of that button will print, but when you long press the same keywords, the symbol will print. You dont have to go to ?123 button to type any symbol.

2. You can add your own background wallpaper, can chnage fonts, can change the color of background, buttons, buttons backgrounds and text.

3. You can put sound in keypress. Sound will play when you click on button.

4. Personal dictionary feature is available where you can add any type of long sentence or words and a short code for that words.

5. It stores 12 copied text as clipboard.

DisAdvantage : The only disadvantage i think is this dont provide Hinglish writing and and Hindi Writting too hard to write. You will find this feature in next keyboard.

App Name : Cute Emoji Keyboard
Size : 23MB
Availability : Available On Google Play Store
Price : Free

2. Google Indic Keyboard

This is the best keyboard for writing Hindi texts in Android Mobile. This App is only made for Indian people. If you are not an Indian, and know dont know to read and write Hindi language then you can skip this part. For hindi blogger this is the another tool for writing your blog posts.
Here you will find total 18 different Indian languages to write. This support Hinglish writing too, A best way to write hindi.
For Example.
If You write : Kya kar rahe ho?
(Hindi language but written in English alphabets)
This will print : क्या कर रहे हो?
This will help you to write post in Hindi Language easily.

App Name : Google Indic Keyboard
Size : 18MB
Availability : Available On Google Play Store
Price : Free

3. Grammerly Keyboard

Want to write you posts in English language? Want to create amazing contents without any mistakes in English then this keyboard is only for you. This keyboard is paid but trust me.. If you are planning to create English blog then you must go with this. Grammerly keyboard is offered by Grammerly Company first it was came for only Laptop and Desktops, but its Keyboard is now available in Google Play Store.

When you buy a subscription of Grammerly, They will activate your account. You can use your account by logging in the account on grammerly keyword.

Advantage : This will help you to write anything correctly in English language. Artificial intelligence of Grammerly will read the sentence you are writting they will show corrections if your English have mistakes.

App Name : Grammerly Keyboard
Size : 80MB
Availability : Available On Google Play Store
Price : Free But Request Paid Subscription

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Final Word

In this I have shared 3 Amazing keyboards. These Top 3 Keyboard are available in Google Play Store you can install it. If you found this article helpful then please share this with your friends. Also check the previous posts these are also very useful for bloggers.

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