On Page SEO : SEO Tips To Beat Your Competitors (2020)

How to beat your Competitors in 2020 | On Page SEO : Hey bloggers, do you runs websites? And want to rank your website? Are you stucked in 2 or 3 Page of Google search results? Here is the solutions for you. In this post i am going share few <>Onb Page SEO strategies to beat you competitors in 2020.
When you get traffics from Search engine you will earn money, so Getting traffic from Google Search engine is hard nowasday because of high competition in every niches.
There are lots of ways are available which help you to rank a website but people ignore these types of easy steps.
Here is the best solution for rank a website.

How to beat your Competitors in 2020?

On page seo

With only Onpage SEO and Optimized Contents you can beat your competitors. After Google Algorithm Updates only Contents became King and you can easily rank a website without any backlinks. The only things you need to is Doing On Page SEO.

What Is On Page SEO?

On page SEO is SEO techniques and Strategies which can be applied by Bloggers on their blog posts. During writing a post for website following writting strategies are called On Page SEO.
There are number point are available which is used to complete On Page SEO. Here is the On Page SEO.

1. Enough Words : This is the one of the important SEO strategy. The more word you write, the more details you provide will always shows high ranking in SERP. During writing a post about anything start writing from beginning to last including Introduction, features, Advantage/disadvantage and Conclusions. This make post lengthy which is good for SEO.

2. H1, H2, H3 tags : this is another SEO strategy which is very important for giving a clue to Bots about your keywords. Using the focus keywords in H2, H3 tags is very helpful for seo. Use h1, h2 and h3 in your blog post for better SERP.

3. Focus Keywords in paragraph : Add focus, Main keywords, LSI keywords in your first paragraph for better ranking.

4. Use Image : Use minimum 1-5 images in your post. Also add alt tag in image and that should not be copyrighted images. Create your own image using Pic Editing Apps or softwares or use Non copyrighted image provider website.

5. Embed Youtube Videos : You can embed youtube videos, PDFs, or other webpages using tag. This add a extra point SERP.

6. Keyword Density : Keyword density should be 1-3% in your whole article.
For example
your main keywords is : “On Page SEO
And you wrote Article of : 1000 words
Mean The keywords “On Page SEO” should be used 10-30 times in your whole article.
No more than 1-3%.. Otherwise it will called keywords stuffing.

7. Table Of Content : If you are a wordpress user than use Table of Content plugin plugin which devide your post.

8. Interlinking : link your other related post in you current post.
For example : you already have written about Off Page SEO, Backlinks, and Other SEO related topics then you can easily link the post in your new SEO related Posts.

9. Outbound links : Add others high authorized website into your blogpost. Like add Wikipedia’s pages. Which gives a positive signal to SERP.

10. Use Meta Description : Write a good and eye catching Meta Description which causes of high CTR.

11. Enable Feature Snippets : During writing post in WordPress use Rank math or Yoast SEO plugin which have a awesome option to enable Feature Snippets. This bring 30%-40% more traffic in your post.

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Keyword Research

About 50% of On Page SEO is completed with Keyword Research. A keyword which has Low Competition/Keyword Difficulty (KD) and enough in volume can be easily ranked by doing On page Seo. If you found that kind of keywords then follow the points given above while writing post. That keywords will rank without even a single backlink.
Use paid tools to do keyword researching.. I recommend you to use ahrefs tools for keyword research or use Google Keywords Planner tool if you cant afford Ahrefs. Because Ahrefs is very costly tool for a small blogger.

In this Post i have Shared On Page SEO this which is very useful and effective way to beat your competitor in 2020. This methods is used by all seo professionals which well writing strategy. I hope you loved this post. Share this with your blogger friends.

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