How To Edit HTML of Blogger Templates On Android

How to edit Blogger Template On Android Mobile?:
Hello Bloggers Friends. If you want to edit the HTML file of A blogger blog’s template on mobile and dont how? Here is the best solution for you. In this post i am going to share awesome tips and tricks and 2 Apps which help you to edit blogger templates On Android Mobile.
You can edit The HTML files, xml files, php, JavaScript etc.
In one of my post i haved 5 Apps for every mobile bloggers, this is the detailed information about those 2 apps which will help to edit any blogger template free of cost.

How to edit blogger’s HTML files on Android Mobile?

how to edit blogger template in Android

For mobile bloggers, this is one of difficult part to edit any template/ customize and making changes in coding files. Because most of mobile browsers doesn’t support the Blogger’s HTML editor.

This is the 2 main reasons why you should use that Tips and Apps if want to customize your blogger theme.

1. The first reason is Most of Mobile Browsers like Chrome, UC Browser, Firefox doesn’t support Blogger’s Editor. If you are editing this on PC or Laptop with that browsers, then its work smoothly. But in mobile blogger doesn’t support. You cannot make any changes in xml coding with Android Mobile and Android Browser.

2. If you are uploading new theme to blogger blog using any browser from Android then blogger will not accept that theme.. The error : “Upload Only XML file” will come.

So what is the solution?

Here is the solution, by using this, you can upload new themes or can edit new theme in Android Mobile. With help of Two apps this will be possible. What that apps are? Read below.

1. Puffin Browser

Yeah.. Puffin browser is one of the best browser for every blogger / Mobile blogger. This browser allow manh things that Chrome, UC browser and firefox browser doesn’t allow.
Puffin Browser Comes in both Free and Paid Version. Both work well.. Dont think only Paid version will help… Free version will do some as Paid version.

You can download and install Puffin browser from Google Play Store.

Here is the benefit and features of Puffin Browser

1. This App provide web browsing in Both Desktop view and Mobile View.

2. This is super fast browser, this load pages quickly then other browsers.

3. Best part for blogger. You can upload bloggers themes in .xml file extension with this browser. No error will come if you upload your theme.

4. If you are going edit blogger template’s HTML file with normal browser then you cant edit, even you cannot copy any elements of xml coding. But with Puffine Browser you will freedom for doing this. You can copy the The XML codes of blogger template (but remember you cannot edit here too, the only feature is copying codes)

2. WebMaster Lite/Pro

For editing HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScripts code this is number app for editing. With this app you can edit any files with .html, .css, .js, .php extensions. But our work will done by editing html. First of all copy the HTML of blogger template from Puffine Browser. After then paste that here.
Here you can make any changes, you can add or remove html, css or java codes.

After editing just copy the code again and go to Puffin browser and paste the edited code and save the code.

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3. HTML editor

Webmaster lite or Pro is not compulsory app, you can use any editor app to write codes/edit codes. there are number of HTML editor apps are available at Google Play Store you can use them also.
but Puffine Browser is compulsory for copying and pasting the codes.

This is the easiest way to Edit HTML files on Android Mobile. You can use any editor apps to edit html but for copying xml code from blogger template.. You’ll only have option to use puffing browser.


Yes, Anyone can edit html files of blogger template from Android Mobile now. This is the era of technology, many useful tool and apps developing every day to make life easier. Now you dont need of PC or Laptop to make small changes in Themes.
On only blogger, you can edit WordPress’s codes too.. But WordPress provide easy and smooth editor for their users. I hope you this article have helped you to edit html files of blogger template.

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