5 Easy Steps To Speed Up WordPress Website

How to spped up a WordPress blogs and Websites?

In the Point Of SEO and user experience fast loading website is always comes first. A fast loading website can get higher ranking in Google and aslo it become user friendly. Most of visitor wait for maximum 5 seconds to open any website.. If your website is taking more then 5 seconds then you can lost visitors and this make bounce rate higher.
In this post you will learn how can you boost the speed of your websites. Read this post till last to make your website rocket.

How to speed up WordPress website?

boost speed of WordPress websites

WordPress comes with lots of customization and freedom of doing anything. There are few working tips is here which will surely help you in decreasing the loading time of your website and webpages.

1. Install Cache cleaning Plugin

Install any Cache cleaning plugin to clear cached files, this will kill unnecessary files from your database. I’ll recommend you to use W3 total Cache and WP Optimize plugin these are best cached cleaner plugin for a wordpress blogs and websites. Lots of cached files are stored in wp database which make blog load slower.
Install and activate W3 Total cached and WP Optimize in WordPress website and run it every week to free up cached files. This plugin is absolutely free and easily available in plugin store.

2. Use LazyLoad for Images

Most of times to open a website is taken by uploaded images in a webpage. If you are using a high quality image without compression then your page size will increase to 4-10 MB which takes too much time to load because when you open page, image will be also downloaded to show.

When you use LazyLoad Plugin then images will download when you scroll page. Your page open quickly and then images will load when its comes to your screen.

3. Use light weight themes

Use light weight themes to make your blog faster. There are lots of theme are available in the market which is very quick to open. I am using GeneratePress Premium theme which is also a fast theme and also a multipurpose theme. GeneratePress, Astra, Genesis these are best and fast themes with unlimited customizations.

4. Minify CSS and JavaScript files

Themes are made by CSS, PHP and JavaScripts files. These themes are made by humans so they add extra space and enter space in codes to make human readable. When you compress these codes or minify this, all the extra spaces are removed and codes become complicated to read by human but it increase load speed too. You can Minify the CSS and JavaScript files with the help of W3 Total Cache plugin and/or if you are using cloudflare then you can also do it here.

5. Fast Loading Hosting

boost page speed

A cheap and low quality hosting also decrease the quality of website and also increase the load time of website. A good and fast loading with enough storage and bandwith hostings are required to boostup the speed. The only disadvantage of Good hostings are price. This kind of hostings are very costly. VPS hosting is one of the best hosting plan which is very costly but speed is like rocket. So hosting migration from cheap hosting to costly hosting can also boost the page speed of a website.

6. Use less Plugins

The quantity of plugins are aslo a point which can affect the speed of page. More plugins consumes more resources of hosting which may causes of slow loading. So dont use more than 20 plugins in your WordPress blog.

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Final word

These few tips and advices to implement in blogs. If you wanna boost your sites speed then implement all the given points above. This will surely boost your site by 30-40%. I hope you loved this post. Share this with your bloggers friends. Thanks for visiting.

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