How To Add Custom Fonts in PicsArt App?

How to add custom fonts in PicsArt App?

Are you bored with default fonts of PicsArt App? Or do you want to add more new designing fonts for free. If you want to add your fonts in PicsArt App then read this post till last and follow the steps given below.

add fonts in picsart

What is PicsArt App?

PicsArt is one the most popular Android App. And aslo its one of the most popular photo editing software for Android. Currently picsArt App have 100Million downloads that is a big number for every developers. If you are a photo editor or blogger then you definitely know about this. Because PicsArt provides lots of tools and features to edit photos professionally. There are lots of options and tools gives you freedom to do what you want to do with your photos. For Mobile bloggers i also recommend this app to download because bloggers can easily crop, add, edit, remove anything from the pictures. This is handy tool for all bloggers.

Why To Add Fonts?

PicsArt has given a option to edit and add text in pictures. So its also provided few fonts to edit with it. But these fonts are boring and not looks like professional. Also if you want to add your own fonts to make brand image you need to add fonts.

PicsArt is provided only few English fonts. If you want to add other languages fonts then you need to follow these.

You can download/buy fonts too.. But they are costly. Therr are number of websites are available which provides free font, you can use that.

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How to Add Custom fonts in PicsArt App?

To add custom fonts in PicsArt App follow these steps.

I am covering it in 2 different parts.
1. Downloading fonts
2. Adding fonts

1. First of all open Chrome or UC Browser or any your favorite browser.
2. Search “Free fonts” in search box. Or visit
3. Download you favorite or good looking fonts for free.
Your downloaded file will be in Zip file.
4. Open zip file. Here you may find many files. Check for a file which is ending with .ttf.
5. Copy this .ttf file in a separate folder (if you are adding multiple fonts) Or
6. Click on file manger.
7. Search for picsArt folder.
8. Open picsArt folder and here you will find a new option, Fonts.
9. Click on font folder, and paste copied .ttf files here.

Yeah you have added custom fonts in picsArt.
Now open picsArt App. Add a text and open fonts, here you will my fonts option. Click here and here you will get added fonts. To remove these fonts, just delete the copied files in picsart folder.


In this post i Have shared a secret and interesting trick to add custom fonts in PicsArt App. if you want to design anything using own ttf fonts then this was for you. i hope you loved this post. Now download fonts from internet and use that in your picsart app. if you have any confusion please drop a comment below.. I’ll try to solve your issue. thanks for coming here.

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